Our Services

  • Accountancy
  • Business Advice
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Advice
  • Business StartUp Advice & Support
  • Restructuring Advice
  • Finance Networking
  • Wealth Creation Concepts
  • Financial Planning Referral
  • MYOB Consulting
  • Administration Support & Advice
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Risk Management Advice
  • Company Trust DIY Superannuation Formation
  • Client Business Partnering & Mentoring
  • Management accounting services, including review of accounting systems and the
    installation of a budgetary control and reporting systems for management
  • Reports for special purposes, eg. for acquisitions of other businesses, and investigations
    into specific aspects of the business
  • Advice on business & financial matters not requiring licensing
  • Computer advice including implementation of new systems
  • Cash flow and Strategic and Business Plans
  • Referral services

Business Services

Selecting an appropriate business structure and ownership for assets protection, taxation purposes, risk management purposes, timely financial reporting, taxation compliance and taxation planning, are vital in today?s business environment.

Sapier Accountancy aims to seriously understand your business. We combine judgement, broad perspective and experience to provide our clients with outcomes that will value add to their business.

Our skills include advice necessary to assist with business restructuring, purchase of businesses, sale of businesses, succession planning and related commercial advice.

Our abilities include in-depth understanding of complex issues.

Our advice is unbiased, impartial and practical.

Commercial Advice

Sapier Accountancy can assist with contract negotiation.

Sapier Accountancy can assist with development and implementation of commercial strategies.

Sapier Accountancy can assist in warm introductions to banks and other financiers for debt, restructuring, credit card, merchant, mezzanine and other facilities.

Sapier Accountancy can assist in dealing with staff and employee related matters including AWA?s, employment offers, employee salary packaging, HR and related matters.

Sapier Accountancy can assist with submissions for government subsidies and grants.

Sapier Accountancy can provide introductions for the purpose of legal and other advice via its extensive professional relationships network.

Taxation Planning and Services

Sapier Accountancy provides full service facilities in relation to income tax preparation and review, Pay As You Go remittances and planning, Prudential taxation reviews and audit support, Taxation structuring advice for all types of business, Small business capital gains tax concessions and related advice.

Sapier Accountancy provides Taxation planning and compliance services including preparation and lodgement of Business activity statements, Fringe benefits tax documents, Pay as you go documents.

Sapier Accountancy provides expertise in relation to payment arrangements, negotiated settlements and remission of late fees and penalties.

Sapier Accountancy provides state of the art taxation software and related lodgement management and support systems.

Sapier Accountancy provides advice and preparation services in relation to income tax, goods and services tax, land tax, payroll tax, fringe benefits tax, workers compensation and stamp duty including submissions and advocacy services.

A vital part of our full service facility is the attention to reviewing and tailoring of correspondence to our clients in relation to all documents received from the Australian Taxation Office, various state revenue authorities such as the Office of State Revenue and Department of Fair Trading, and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Corporate Secretarial

Sapier Accountancy maintains sophisticated corporate secretarial and registry software.

Sapier Accountancy provides full company secretarial services and maintenance of our clients' corporate records.

Sapier Accountancy provides registered office facilities to all of our clients at no cost.

Business and Strategic Advice

Sapier Accountancy works with its clients so as to assist them in understanding where they are now, where they are going and, how they can get there.

Sapier Accountancy works with its clients' to process contemporary rather than just historic data.  This usually has a positive impact on our clients businesses and enables effective planning for desired outcomes.

Sapier Accountancy can provide advice on future strategies to help bring success.

Sapier Accountancy can provide advice in relation to development of business plans to achieve future strategies.

Sapier Accountancy can provide individual independent board/director mentoring and guidance.

Sapier Accountancy can provide business improvement advice and related strategy.

Sapier Accountancy can provide its extensive networking capabilities.


Sapier Accountancy maintains a network of experienced bookkeepers can service all of our clients' accounts, payroll and administration needs.  We maintain all of the latest MYOB software.

All work is supervised by qualified accountants.

Work can be completed on site if required.

Business Valuations

Sapier Accountancy can arrange for business valuations for sale, acquisition, financing or floatation purposes.

Sapier Accountancy can provide advice in relation to acquisitions and divestments, expansion and restructure.

Sapier Accountancy can provide advice in relation to succession planning and preparing for retirement including obtaining maximum value for your business or dealing with continuation of family or existing interests.

DIY Superannuation

Sapier Accountancy provides advice in relation to the establishment, administration, on-going requirements and support required by DIY superannuation funds.

Sapier Accountancy, via its own employee registered company auditors, provides full compliance audit services for all of our DIY superannuation clients.

Profit Analysis

Sapier Accountancy can provide cash flow and risk analysis.

Sapier Accountancy has access to benchmarking analysis data.

Sapier Accountancy undertakes trend analysis and profit centre reviews.

Relationships and Profiling

One of the most important processes we implement at Sapier Accountancy is the preparation of a client profile.  This profile is used to establish an understanding of the nature of the engagement and also is a platform for discussion to establish advisory needs, wants, opportunities and issues requiring our services.  The information gathered is strictly confidential and available immediately for our clients.

Our ability to interrogate information and identify client opportunities is a key outcome of the client profile process.

The client profile is the basis of most of our relationships and a catalyst for change and identification of the client?s needs and requirements for professional advice and strategy.

The client profile involves a process of continual updating and most importantly communication with our clients.

Sapier Accountancy leverages off the client profile concept to support the process of its strategic advice, guidance and personal client relationship.